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Healing for Couples | Navigating Separation | Wise Parenting

Caring & Compassionate
Solution Focused Therapy

Therapy Helps

Do you and your partner fight all the time, and don’t know what to do?

Feeling disappointed or frustrated in your relationship?

Trying to navigate challenges in your blended family, or with extended family?

Dealing with infidelity in your relationship, or considering divorce?

Feeling anxious and untethered, or find yourself ruminating in negative thought cycles? Frustrated because you don’t understand why, and just want it to stop?

Whatever your needs may be, I'm here to offer support and guidance.

When clients arrive at the first session nervous or ambivalent about whether counseling can really help, I focus on putting them at ease and building confidence in their own ability to create the change they want.

Helping You Move Forward

Services & Specialties

Individual Therapy

Couples Counseling

Pre-Marital Counseling

Parenting Coaching


Psychology Session


I'm passionate about this work and firmly rooted in the belief that humans are resilient and capable of change. I’m humbled and honored to be a part of each client’s transformative journey. 

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Meet Teri

I love my job! I get to watch as therapy helps my clients improve awareness of patterns that cause them difficulty in relationships, and heal the root causes of those patterns. I offer them support in areas of life where they feel stuck.


They learn how to manage their own emotions in a compassionate way, while cultivating a deeper sense of empathy for themselves and others. This deeper self-knowledge promotes healing, improves self-esteem, and facilitates personal development so they can have greater peace, an improved sense of well-being, and more authentic, fulfilling relationships.


I’m honored to walk this journey with my clients, and to watch the transformative change that takes place through therapy.

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Life Can be Challenging

Finding your Therapist Shouldn't be

Since the therapeutic relationship with your counselor is the #1 predictor of positive therapy outcomes, a good fit is really important.

I’ll sit with you in your pain, and celebrate with you as you experience transformative change and healing in your relationships with others and with yourself. I meet you wherever you are, and support you in your journey to where you want to be.

Psychologist Session

What my Clients are Saying

“I’ve been dragging my feet about going to a marriage counselor for years even though I knew my wife wanted me to go. I thought it would just be talking about feelings. Now I wish I had done it years ago. Teri made it comfortable, and we were able to make real changes right away that made our marriage better than it has been in a long time. I would recommend Teri to anyone who is nervous about going to counseling.” 

Male, Age 37, Couples Counseling

Couple in Nature


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